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Sunday, 27 September 2009

70 days until Copenhagen

It has been an important week for the environment.

70 days remaining until Copenhagen (7th Dec 2009), climate activists are demanding change. Individuals, organisations and politicians are united and demanding a Fair, Ambitious and Binding deal. World leaders are beginning to listen, and waking up to the possibility of finding lasting solutions. The Obama administration proposed rules that will increase the fuel efficiency of cars and light trucks by 40%. China has reputedly pledged to plant a forest the size of Norway and Gordon Brown published an article on the importance of the December climate talks in Newsweek.

Global Wake Up Call

As part of the Global Wake Up Call, I rang Gordon Brown on Monday, he wasn't in so I left a message on his answer phone. Then I rang Ed Milliband and reached a tired switch board operator. Ed wasn't available, and, unlike the PM, he had no answering machine. I guess it comes with the position. Thousands of other calls to heads of states were made.

So far, only Gordon Brown, Donald Tusk (Poland) and Jan Peter Balkenende (Netherlands) have said they’ll attend the Climate Summit in Copenhagen this December, other world leaders will hopefully commit soon.

A lot more needs to be done before December. The next Global Day of Action on October 24th.