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Thursday, 5 November 2009

Write to your finance minister

If we're serious about fighting climate change, then we have to commit to assisting developing nations to cut there emissions during their periods of economic growth. This can be achieved through climate financing, where our developed country directly finance new technologies and solutions in the developing world. This is a good deal for us (our technology and skills are exported abroad) and it's a good deal for the environment. For developing countries the only difference is that there energy supply will be from cleaner technologies.

This is one of the most important steps that we need to take to tackle climate change, but currently it is not sufficiently on the political agenda. You can get involved now by writing to your finance minister and making sure that they take the necessary action.

To ensure its success, the Copenhagen summit needs our help.
My message is below:

Dear Alistair, The UK electorate is ready to support climate financing and we insist that this be an important part of the agenda for your G20 meeting this Saturday. Without a global funding package of US$150 billion, a deal to stop climate catastrophe at Copenhagen will not be possible, and nor will a sustainable low-carbon recovery. The EU has made a start, but it is only a fraction of the global amount needed. I urge you to press the issue of climate financing at the G20 -- all rich countries must make serious funding pledges before Copenhagen, and new mechanisms such as a levy on aviation and shipping fuels and a financial transactions tax should also be considered. Have the courage to confront this still-solvable challenge this weekend, or this moment will be remembered as your greatest failure. Ian Elliott United Kingdom
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