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Tuesday, 6 October 2009

10:10 LET'S make real progress on meeting our targets

The 10:10 campaign aims to get individuals and governments to commit to a 10% reduction in carbon emissions in 2010...

To: Benjamin Bradshaw MP

Dear Ben,

Are you supporting the 10:10 campaign?

We've switched our home to renewable electricity (, I cycle 5 miles a day to and from work, and we'll be making sure that we cut our household emissions by at least 10% next year by monitoring our consumption and making 'green' lifestyle choices.

In fact, thousands and thousands of us across the country are pledging to cut our emissions by 10% in 2010. We want to show that it's possible and to build support for decisive action to tackle climate change, and we need to know that our local MP is getting involved.

The government has a crucial role to play in making emission cuts a reality, and at times making tough choices to make sure we reach our targets. We need MPs to show a lead, and it's bound to help if loads of MPs are taking part in 10:10.

We are voting Labour, primarily because of the dedication that is being shown on these issues my Ed Miliband

But, to ensure we continue voting labour in the local elections please let me now if you're planning to get involved, and if not please tell me why not.

You can find out more about 10:10 and sign up here:

Best wishes,

** so that your MP knows you live in their constituency **

Response received 7th October...

And an immediate reply from me....

Dear Ben,

Thank you for your letter dated 6th October. I commend you on your actions to personally combat climate change, and I look forward to hearing what actions you take to achieve a further cut of 10% in your emissions next year.

I am concerned that my email communication and many others like it results in a reply being sent by post. Even on recycled paper, if this is common practice then it is a terrible waste of resources (production, printing and transport) when an electronic reply could have be made in turn.

I would like to know whether the labour party has a ‘think before you print’ policy, and also whether you could, on our behalf, contact the relevant office to ensure that email communications, by default, are replied to by email. The same letter could be sent as a pdf attachment to retain the current formatting.

I request future replies be by email, and I look forward to your response,

Best wishes,



  1. At least you got a response! That's more than I did.

  2. Shameful! but at least your MP has received it :D How about a second try??

    A vote's been called for this Wednesday, for the whole House of Commons to join 10:10!

    Here's my renewed effort below...

    Dear Ben,

    We've just heard that this Wednesday parliament will vote collectively on joining the 10:10 campaign to achieve a 10% reduction in public sector emissions by the end of 2010. We highly commend this initiative, and as members of the Exeter constituency we hope you will represent our wishes by voting in support of this motion.

    Please let me know that you are able to attend the debate on Wednesday and that you are representing us on this issue.

    Best wishes,


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