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Monday, 19 October 2009

Day 2

I've set myself a very specific goal for Day 2 of the No Impact Experiment. I'm aiming to generate no waste at all whilst I am at work. We'll also be addressing waste at home as the project continues, but the focus for today is doing everything possible to prevent making waste that goes into the bin.

A look at last Friday's rubbish (above, which has yet to be emptied..!), most of the waste is use-once-throw-away paper towels, a few pealing and a tea bag that should have gone home to be composted, and a fruit net that some satsumas came in - a reminder that I'm currently eating none local, out of season fruit! Apparently, 80% of the products that we buy are designed to be used once and then thrown away (See No Impact Man).

I'm now using a towel from home, and wondering whether I can do anything to convince my colleagues that they don't want to be generating all this 'used once' waste every day:

I'm also wondering when exactly I developed a reliance on chewing gum after meals instead of brushing. I'm sure this is the result of some successful television marketing. I'm switching over to celery sticks which I once read are good for the teeth, and the fibre also last a long time so they are good for generating natural teeth-cleansing saliva!

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