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Saturday, 24 October 2009

Day's five and six: No Impact

Energy: I failed to make any change to my energy habitats this week - but it is something I'm going to tackle next week for the whole week. Our local library has kWh energy meters that you can borrow to see which appliances are using the most energy. It will be useful to see how much energy everything uses. We feel more comfortable about our energy usage now that we are with a renewable energy supplier (Good Energy)

Water: We've been experimenting with ways to reduce our water consumption over at 'the experiment'. I'm trying the every-other-day approach to showering, with a good old fashioned wash in the basin on no shower days. Grandad will be proud. It's not proving easy, I like a quick shower at work after cycling to freshen up for the day. The sink I use to wash at work only has cold water! We'll see how it goes! There's also been a lot of conversation about possible alternatives to shampoo to prevent all the chemicals that we release into environment.

My biggest energy and water consumption problems are at work. Unlike at home, the university is not with a renewable energy supplier, so my energy requirements are met by burning fossil fuels. The university is also very behind with water consumption. All of the toilets have 13 litre tanks - it's a lot of water to be flushing away. Despite sharing facilities with Greenpeace research, no one has ever considered installing a water saver, so it is something that I will look into.

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