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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Day 3. No Impact Week

A quick post about yesterday's 'Transportation' day on the No Impact Experiment. On Tuesday we each addressed the transportation that we used, and looked for ways to cut our impact. Usually we travel very little, although I do clock up 5 miles a day on my bike getting to work and back, but this week is a bit different as we're visiting family on Friday, and we'll be travelling 260 miles by car.

To directly combat this, we'll be limiting our speed to 60 mph (and following the lorries up the motorway), a quick search on the web suggests that it can cost up to 25% less in fuel to drive at 50mph compared to 70mph. In fact travelling at less than 15mph creates the most pollution, and this decreases up to the most efficient speed: 60mph.

We'll also be observing the Energy Saving Trust's Smarter Driving tips, and offsetting our journey with a carbon offsetting company. More details later in the week.

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