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Monday, 19 October 2009

Taking Action

One part of the No Impact Week is to take action on an environmental issue. There are many suggestions of how you could achieve this. See the No Impact Manual for some ideas, and also look at the discussion of what is going on over at the No Impact Experiment message boards.

One way you could get involved now is by encouraging your MP support the 10:10 campaign. Parliament is voting on Wednesday this week on whether to go for a 10% cut in emissions in 2010. This is exactly the kind of action that is needed if we are serious about meeting our goals for emission reductions. Contact you MP here, and let them know you want them to support this motion.

My message is below

Dear Ben,

We've just heard that this Wednesday parliament will vote collectively on joining the 10:10 campaign to achieve a 10% reduction in public sector emissions by the end of 2010. We highly commend this initiative, and as members of the Exeter constituency we hope you will represent our wishes by voting in support of this motion.

Please let me know that you are able to attend the debate on Wednesday and that you are representing us on this issue.

Best wishes,

** so that your MP knows you live in their constituency **

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